064 Series
Unsealed Header Connectors
& Mating Components
Meeting USCAR Standards
Delphi's standard 064 series unsealed header
connectors are USCAR* compliant. These products:
meet USCAR design guidelines
(per SAE/USCAR-12 Revision 2, Dec. 20 01)
meet published USCAR interface footprints
are validated to USCAR specifications
(per SAE/USCAR-2 Revision 3, April 2001)
Two header types are available. They include:
Standard one-row headers
Standard two-row headers
Both header types are available in either right angle
or straight pin versions.
Mating Connectors
Delphi also offers a complete line of 064 series
female mating connectors in USCAR indexes A to F.
*USCAR is the United States Council for Automotive Research.
Performance Advantages
Delphi's USCAR 064 series header connectors satisfy
the USCAR footprints for mating interfaces. This
provides univer sal use, easy integration and broad
application flexibility.