Special Products
Lamp Socket Features
. Advanced bulb to terminal
interface technology
. Accommodates a wide variety of
bulbsí¬B1, C2 bayonet, W2, W3 wedge,
H7 with GT280 interface
. Available sealed or unsealed systems
. Multiple focal lengths
. Right angle or axial mounting features
with easy assembly and release
Weather-Pack Features
. Connector Position Assurance (CPA)
. Terminal Position Assurance (TPA)
. 20 Amps continuous maximum
current rating
. Sealed system
. Pin and Sleeve confi guration
. Dual locking tabs on terminals
. Low energy, low voltage capability
. -40.C to 125.C temperature range
VF Series Features
. Accommodates a wide variety
of devices
. Small overall dimensions
. Terminal Position Assurance (TPA)
. Connector Position Assurance (CPA)
Splice Saver Features
. Eliminates the need for solder
. Flexible confi guration
. Uses 280 Metri-Pack or 150 GT
. Uses ISO or SAE compatible terminals
. Low profi le connector with cap lock
. Available in sealed/unsealed and
grounded/non-grounded versions
DS Series Features
. Fuel injector applications
. High sealing protection
. Reliable electrical interface
. Secure locking mechanism
Lamp Sockets, Splice Savers,
Weather-Pack, VF & DS Connections