NOTE: Specifi cations in this catalog are for general reference only and are subject to change without notice. To verify product information, please contact a Delphi representative.
Delphi Low Profi le Splice Die
and Stand:
This air operated press and die allows splicing of two or
more wire leads and provides good visibility to crimping
Die and stand sold as a unit.
Specifi cations:
Overall height: 1143mm (45 inches)
Overall width: 914mm (36 inches)
Overall depth: 610mm (24 inches)
Quick and easy
die changes
Automatic cutter
Optional liquid
solder pot
Optional tape
Effi cient
Requires minimal
. oor space
Low noise
Po rta ble
Application Tooling
Delphi E-Z Pack Die:
E-Z Pack Die can best be described as an advanced and
. exible terminal application system.
Features: . This die consists of a die base, quick
change module (terminal specifi c), and
a conversion kit that adapts the base to
various presses.
. This die may be installed in Delphi's 3 or
5-ton press, or into other manufacturers'
presses with an adapter kit.
. This die may be bench mounted or installed
on wire processing cutter equipment.
Advantages: . Reduces changeover time and downtime.
. Die changes are performed quickly and
easily, without a need for special tools.
Simply remove the tool module and insert
the next module into the die base.
E-Z Pack Dies may be purchased, leased or rented.
Contact your account representative.
Please see cross reference sheet for terminal-to-die
information. See Page 10.14.